Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer's Tail (Xiatian de weiba/ 夏天的尾巴 -2007)

Summer's Tail
Bryant Chang Jui-Chia as Jimmy Chan
Dean Fujioka as Akira Fuwa
Enno as Yvette Chang
Hannah Lin Han as Wendy Lin
Christine Ke Huan-Ju as Xiu I-Wei
Lu Yi-Ching as Yvette's mother
Yao Hsiao-Min as Boss
James Wen Sheng-Hao as Willy's Father
Li Hsiu as Yvette's grandmother
Chen Chih-Chieh as Willy

Summer-Flaming, fervid, flowing the youth sweat; every second is rippling of the passion and react. To be duty-bound not to turn back!

Tail-A long time ago it's said once human being all had but because of not knowing its purpose, tail is gradually vanishing.
Summer's Tail
But, actually, each person all has a tail.

In the eyes of her classmates, Yvette Chang(Enno) is a rock and roll girl, she has a cat by the name of "Summer", because of a congenital heart condition, she has left school and spends much of her time every day with Summer messing around, playing the guitar, and getting out and about. During the time when she is not in school, every day is filled with discovery, and since the specially gifted and talented class's student Jimmy Chan(Bryant Chang), fell in love with a teacher, and met the fate of being expelled from the school, now the streets have one more high school student on the roam. Yvette willingly opens her arms to embrace all of Jimmy's emotions, and comfort him. But Jimmy doesn't quite understand why Yvette, who suffers from cardiac disease, is so full of ambition and warmth for living.
Summer's Tail
Two high school drop-outs are out riding bicycles, when between the rice paddies and the irrigation canals, they find a place free from the control of adults, an undeveloped piece of land near the tracks of the Taiwan High Speed Rail. Under the blue skies, they gather with their classmates from the same school, another gifted and talented student named Wendy(Hannah Lin) and the Japanese exchange student Akira (Dean Fujioka) who loves soccer but is always the last in academic, and together at this secret base they relax, have fun, and fool around. The destiny which has brought the four of them together serves as a powerful force of empathy and encouragement, as they enjoy fun times together, and try to save an embittered suicidal father. Against the backdrop of clear skies, reflecting the visions and secrets lodged in the hearts of four almost grown up children, whether life is normal or exciting, with success or failure, they are always able to enjoy the experience.
Summer's Tail
This demonstrates the ability to make oneself feel joy in living, which is a great gift from above, just like a tail, which you can wag just for fun, when you have time to spare from trying to do something. Actually, we all have a tail, which is also trying to keep us happy.

What is the purpose of that tail? Finding your own happiness.....
Summer's Tail

Don't walk...RUN! Go find this beautiful, beautiful movie.

A cinematic masterpiece. Perfection. The slow, lazy summer filled with warmth, charm, love, chastity....mixed with friendship. This movie has no strong feelings of jealousy. Nobody is beaten senseless. Totally inspiring.

I tell you I melted when Yvette and Jimmy had their first kisses. They weren't long, tongue gorging eroticism. They were sweet, kind, fun chaste kisses. Something virginal but yet thrilling.

Not a typical movie by far. The director had vision with this one. Just enough to keep you wanting to see what would happen next even though my our standards would be a lazy, regular day. I can't explain it. This was not boring. In fact, Enno (Yvette)'s voice is stunningly exquisite to the point that I want this freaking OST.

I can't say enough about this movie. I will now hunt the Bittorrent files for this because this is now one of my al time favorites. Watch it....please. It's worth your time, effort, and money.....

Dean Fujioka

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