Monday, July 14, 2008

The Railroad (Gyeong-ui-seon/경의선-2007)

The Railroad
Tae-yeong Son
Kang-woo Kim
Jong-hak Baek
Seo-won Cha
In-gi Jeong
Ha-na Yu
Su-jeong Eom
Shin-yeong Han
Sun-yeong Ahn
Jeong-su Park

The Railroad
One night, a man and a woman, both drunk and both lost souls, get on the last train at different stations. However, other then being drunk, the two have something else in common -- they are emotionally hurt in one way or another. These two find themselves at the last stop, just before the DMZ, on a heavy snowy night. They have no other choice but to spend the night together. As time goes by, they learn to reveal their inner pains to each other.
The RailroadThe Railroad

Hmm? I watched this for obvious eye-candy reasons. The movie was pretty good. It's a very slow paced movie. Lots of visuals of the subway station. The two stories constantly changed back and forth until the moment the two main characters finally meet.

The story of the train driver was sort of predictable. I kind of figured out who he killed on the subway pretty quick. I was a little disgruntled with the asst. professor. She knew the guy she was with was married. So her story was pretty predictable as well.

The end of the whole movie is what left me......unsatisfied. The two meet on a train. Get off train. Can't get transportation so they end up talking and walking to a hotel and share a room. Nothing happened. They confess their secrets and the emotional train driver gets consoled by the asst. professor. Scene cuts. One year later......she is on the subway train that he is driving. The end? WTF? Did they hook up? Are they just friends? Is she back with the guy who was married? So many questions left unanswered. Or is that what the writers wanted us to do........question their motives? Aaaaagh!

In general, the movie was good. I know, I know, I know the paragraph above sounds like I'm bashing it. But really it's good....except the end. I wanna bang my head up against the wall until my questions are answered................................

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