Monday, July 28, 2008

Jitensha Shonenki (自転車少年記 -2006)

Jitensha Shonenki
Maruyama Ryuhei as Sota
Yasuda Shota as Shohei
Shibuya Asuka as Kanade
Fukuda Saki
Ishii Tomoya
Yokomine Yoshiro (横峯良郎)
Mike Maki
Ren Hulk

Sota and Shohei are childhood friends with a passion for cycling. Sota is competing to be a championship cyclist, but Shohei gave up on that dream much earlier. This is a touching tale of friendship, love and overcoming hardships.

OMG! This was a truly inspiring story. I didn't ball like a baby but I did have tears in my eyes. *so have Kleenex prepared for tear swiping*

Sota's hardships of trying to pass his best friend Shouhei in love and cycling was probably a truth that most of us go through with close friends of our own. For example, myself had a best friend who was amazing at everything. She had the looks, was always chosen first in sports, and seemed to connect to people that I could never do. How we were best friends beats me.....LOL! So in the long run, I couldn't but help understand how Sota felt towards Shouhei. In the end, he surpassed Shouhei in cycling but to Sota it still wasn't enough. Then the unthinkable happens and we watch Sota spiral out of control and this is when the story comes to climax. Geez, I fell in love with Shouhei at that point. In the end, friendship saved Sota but he had to learn that for himself. Okay...enough. Tears are forming again. Damn!

Maruyama Ryuhei

Yasuda Shota

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