Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stars Echo (별의 소리 / Byeolui Sori-Korean, あなたに逢いたくて / Anata ni Aitakute-Japanese -2004)

Stars Echo
Jo Hyun Jae as Sung-jae
Nakagoshi Noriko as Misaki
Lee Da Hae as Ji-young
Tanihara Shosuke as Suji
Kurotani Tomoka as Tomoko
Lee Joon Ki as Chan-gyu
Kim Yong Hee (김용희) as Min-suk

The Story is centered on the love between a musically gifted South Korean man, Sung-jae Jo Hyun Jae, and a Japanese woman, Misaki Nakagoshi Noriko. Misaki, who feels guilty over her boyfriend's death, is transferred to Korean and meets Seong-jae who helps her cure her wounds of the past memories with love.

Wow! For a Korean romance, this one was really good. I'm not a fan of Korean romances because the endings either have someone in the main couple split, die of illness, or they end up with someone other than their main love. So I was a little frightened watching this.

I'm glad I did. The flow was fast but corners weren't cut. The love triangle wasn't drug out to where you want to beat someone up or kill yourself. LOL! And it was a happy ending. Okay, I cried when her boyfriend died at the beginning. He was such a sweet guy. (I'd like to find out this person's name because I can't read Japanese/Korean in the credits and he's not credited in the review pages. Errrgh.)

This movie had me laughing at the subtitlers. Poor guys. The Korean and Japanese was switched off sooooo much that I'm sure it just made their heads spin.

Lee Jun Ki

Jo Hyun Jae

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