Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Takami-kun (Soshite, Harukaze ni Sasayaite/そして春風にささやいて -2007)

Soshite Harukaze ni Sasayaite
Tomo Yanagishita - Takumi
Keisuke Kato - Gii
Hiroki Aiba -Saichi
Yasuka Saito - Izumi Takabayashi
Wataru Hatano - Michio Yoshizawa
Tetsuya Makita - Daisuke Nozaki
Yukihiro Takiguchi - Shozo Akaike
Ryo Sakaguchi - Toshihisa Katakura

The flames of love envelope the hapless tenants of an all-boys high school dorm.

Peer into the perplexing world of all-male school romance with a focus on Takumi and Gii as the two search to cure Takumi's love-thratening fear of meaningful relationships due to a trauma in his past!

OMG! This was a little low budget but it was so sweet. I think I'm beginning to become a big fan of yaoi movies. Something about two really, really, really cute guys kissing is an insane turn on! OMG! I can't believe I just admitted that to everyone and to myself. LOL!

It started off a lot like a manga/anime related movie. Is it? I'll have to search. It started off with lots of exaggerated movements and gestures to Matrix like scenes. Eventually once the story got heated the manga/anime related movements ended.

This was endearing and sweet. Takumi has a "human phobia" and doesn't like to be touched. As the story moves along we realize that there is a reason why. Gii is Takumi's roommate and is the first to admit his love for Takumi. We come to find out that Gii has loved Takumi for at least over 3 years as the story continues. Eventually Gii breaks through Takumi's touch barrier and slowly Takumi comes to realize he loves Gii too.

This is so romantic and loving. Homosexual or not, love should always be this way..................

And I'll admit when Takumi and Gii heart rate went through the roof!!!!

Kato Keisuke
Kato Keisuke 2
Kato Keisuke
kato keisuke

Aiba Hiroki
hiroki aibaAiba Hiroki (Pippin)Aiba Hiroki

Yanagishita Tomo
Yanagishita TomoPhotobucketPhotobucket

Makita Tetsuya
makita tetsuya

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