Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wild Card (와일드 카드 -2003)

Wild Card
Dong-kun Yang - Bang Je-su
Jin-yeong Jeong - Oh Yeong-dal
Chae-young Han - Kang, Na-na
Ju-bong Gi
Jun-yeong Hwang
Ha-bok Yu
Tosha Doiron - Shauna
Jae-kyeong Seo - Kim Min-ki
Myeong-kuk Kim
Il-hwa Choi
Dang-hyeong Lee
Dong-gyu Lee
Wild CardWild Card
Detectives Oh Yeong-dal (the veteran) and Bang Je-su (the rookie) are partners who don't see eye to eye. But when a string of brutal serial killings occur, they have to put their differences aside to catch the most ruthless killers they'll ever meet!
Wild Card
This movie was really good. I was suprised that it has some comedic factors to it too. The synopsis and movie poster don't give that impression whatsoever.

A great action film but terribly sad. Sad, per se, that it was about brutal killings of innocent victims over money. It wasn't about vendettas or redemption or even revenge. Just some kids who thought it would be easier to kill the victims than harass them over the money.

The first victim, which was even sadder, was a mother who just happened to withdraw some money out of the ATM and was on her way home. She left two small children behind because the 4 young men wanted her money. From that point on, they progress to killing others for money. No remorse from them either. That was the saddest part.

I loved the feel of the movie. It wasn't boring and the comedic comraderie from the two friends/policemen seems genuine then add in the idiotic funniness of a crime boss and you'll be smiling just when you need it when the drama gets too intense. Smart stuff...totally satisfying movie.

Discovered a new cutie....he plays the leader of the 4 young men on the killing spree.

Lee Dong Kyu
Lee Dong GyuLee Dong GyuLee Dong Gyu

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