Monday, July 28, 2008

The Contact ( Cheob-sok / 접속 -1997)

The Contact
Suk-kyu Han - Dong-hyun
Do-yeon Jeon - Su-heon
Supporting Cast
Sang Mi Chu
Yong Soo Park
Cheol-ho Choi
Tae-woo Kim
Beom-su Lee

The debut feature of Jang Yoon-Hyun (Tell Me Something), The Contact explores the universal human need for connection. It’s just another take on the popular tale of alienation in the urban wasteland, but Jang’s ability to sponge viewers’ emotions adds beauty to an otherwise bleak and common story.

The film is about how a heavily wired society has changed the way people communicate. Unlike most technophobic films, though, Jang explores the way normal people try to overcome this and form real bonds.

Jang’s central characters start out as strangers, with no reason to meet.

Crossing paths countless times throughout the film, they are unaware of each other and how their lives are connected. Radio producer Dong-Hyun (Han Suk-Kyu) and home shopping telemarketer Su-Hyun (Jun Do-Yun) are too haunted by their past loves to notice how life is passing them by. Unable to untangle themselves from the past, they wander through life aimlessly, trapped in their personal bubble of loneliness.
Until they meet on the Internet.

The two are then drawn together by their common interest in Velvet Underground’s music, and what began as a casual electronic chat soon blooms into love. Such is the great mystery of modern life: how two people who have not met can fall in love. Admittedly, words can warm bare souls, but there’s just so much intimacy that can be achieved virtually. -- The Star

Wow! This was a slow movie but it wasn't the boring type of slow. You generally learned about the main characters and their lives. Again, another movie, sort of about fate.

So many times our main characters met each other but didn't really notice the other. You seem to sit there hoping that eventually one or the other will take notice. But the internet intervened and they met through a forum that was hosted by Dong-hyun's radio station. Romance? Not yet. Actually I wouldn't call this a romance. They talked online but never really connected. In the end, when you think snow will fall, romance will bloom. Well, I was a bit confused by the ending. They finally meet but that was it......I didn't feel the connection which really made me angry because I was hoping for some kind of declaration or something.

So, the movie was really good but the ending left me lifeless. For some this might hit the spot but not for me. So that was strange. The movie was sooooo good then came the ending.........

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