Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Spring Story (2004)

Shun Oguri
Aki Nishihara
Kei Tanaka

A tale of two high school students who like each other, but have difficulties expressing their feelings for each other. The guy always seems to make the girl angry and they fight often.

The guy wants to be a super star basketball player, the girl inspires to be a designer, each trying to find their own path in life.

This being only an hour long, follows the life of 3 friends starting from their senior year in high school into adulthood. It was quite amazing actually how the story flowed so well in just that short amount of time.

Again, it's another movie about fate. This gave me chills at the end because we discover what happens from the time they meet again from the beginning of the movie. *SIGH!!* You just have to love how the hand of fate work and how true love stands against the hands of time.

You just want to reach through the TV screen (or the computer screen as that is how it is for me....LOL!) and just want to grab onto Oguri Shun and never let go.....................

Oguri Shun
Shun Ogurishun oguri

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