Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sukitomo (2007)

Saito Takumi
Aiba Hiroki
Komatsu Airi

The young and earnest Tomokazu (Saito Takumi) is in his third year of university and a member of the boxing team. He has a close friendship with freshman Yoshiki (Aiba Hiroki), whom he sees as a little brother. Little does he know, however, Yoshiki's feelings for him run a lot deeper. To add to the confusion, Tomokazu's stepsister Misao (Komatsu Airi) also secretly likes him and becomes jealous of his relationship with Yoshiki. What will Tomokazu do when he finds out their true feelings?

I was slightly disappointed in this small movie. I had gotten the impression that this was a yaoi movie but it sort of was but it wasn't. It was really one-sided. Tomo seemed to show no interest in Yoshi while Yoshi seemed to have true feelings for Tomo. Then we have the step-sister thing. She is terribly young but infatuated with her step-brother, Tomo. Okay, Tomo is hot and all but I don't think he had any clue of "loving" his sister in that way. I was routing for Yoshi in this one.

Anyway, in the end Yoshi and Misao (Tomo's stepsister) sort of bond as they each recognize their love for Tomo. It was a bit weird since the whole movie's basis was their jealousies towards each other. I was hoping for some kind of recognition on Tomo's part for one of them.

Ehh. This could have been better.

Saito Takumi
takumi saito

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