Sunday, July 13, 2008

Venus and Mars (싸움/Ssaum2007)

Venus and Mars
Kyung-gu Sol - Sang-min
Tae-hee Kim - Jin-na
Supporting Cast
Su-kyeong Jeon - Hwang-mi
Tae-hwa Seo - Tae-hwa
Jae-rok Kim
Ha-ryong Lim
Won-yeong Jang

Arguing about everything. This is mostly how Ji-na and Sang-min spend their time together. But they decide to overcome their clashing characters and vow for forever love. However, their vow is short-lived and their life of “happily ever-after” seems to be an unattainable fairy tale. Sang-min is the nation’s number one indifferent husband. Although unintended, he always seems to aggravate Ji-na. Ji-na is his wife. After putting up with Sang-min’s distasteful attitude, she has become a scrawny, tense, and violent wife. While their grudges against one another are still left unhandled, they decide to split up. They clash on every issue and a psychological warfare begins. What began as verbal fights lead on to physical fight and they fight as if they are going to kill each other. There’s no room for patience and understanding to these two ex-lovers. They enter a merciless face-off. A fight leads on to another then another and the cycle continues.

LOL! I shouldn't laugh at this movie because it was a such a serious topic but I have to hand it to the director.....he did an excellent job. Taking serious issues in a marriage and bringing them down to the basics then making them laugh out loud funny.

Ahh! Being married myself, we have some of those same issues but have never fought that loudly or angrily before. But in a whole I had to agree with each of them on some points, their marriage was doomed but yet if you love someone enough, I think, those points can be worked out.

This movie reminded me of War of the Roses. LOL! But a whole lot funnier. Poor Sang-min, I think he went through 3 cars!!! I have to agree with his friend though. He definitely had some kind of disorder......OCD or bi-polar disorder. It was hard for me to agree with him when his actions were a little "weird". Jin-na, well, was too bossy. That irritated me a bit but yet not. I know in a personal way......sometimes you have to be boss if nobody else will.

I highly recommend this movie. Other than the marriage issues, this movie was hilariously funny. A lot of us will see ourselves in some of those situations and think "Damn, was I like that?" LOL!

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