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Tantei Gakuen Q (2007)

tantei gakuen Q
tantei gakuen q
Kamiki Ryunosuke as Kyuu
Shida Mirai as Megu
Yamada Ryosuke as Ryuu
Kaname Jun as Kinta
Jinnai Takanori as Morihiko Dan
Wakaba Katsumi as Kazuma
Okunuki Kaoru as Miss Yurie
Yamamoto Taro as Nanami Kotaro
Suzuki Kazuma as Kerberos
Hoshino Gen as Nekoda Keiji
Akita Makoto as Uemura Haruka
Saiki Shigeru (斉木しげる) as Moroboshi Keibu

Moriguchi Yoko (ep1)
Kakiuchi Ayami as Okada Ritsuko (ep1)
Hongo Kanata as Makino Daisuke (ep2)
Jinbo Satoshi as Igarashi Takumi (ep2)
Yanagita Erika as Suzuki Ayaka (ep2)
Yoshitake Reo (吉武怜朗) as Takeyama Yuuki (ep2)
Aoyagi Ruito as the street dance leader (ep2)
Ichikawa Yui as Yoko (ep3)
Nagata Anna (永田杏奈) as Tamura Yuki (ep3)
Fukami Motoki as Watanabe (ep3)
Isaki Mitsunori (ep3)
Suzuki Kasumi as Asabuki Maya (ep4-5)
Wakaba Ryuya as Sakuma Hibiki (eps 4-5)
Ochiai Motoki as Tominaga Masashi (eps 4-5)
Ono Kensho (小野賢章) (eps 4-5)
Tajima Yumika (田島ゆみか) as Toya Kuniko (eps 4-5)
Nishimura Risa (西村理沙) as Murasaki Misato (eps 4-5)
Yamazaki Yuta as Fukunaga Ukon (ep6)
Satoi Kenta as Fukunaga Samon (ep6)
Nishiyama Mayuko as Fukunaga Tomoko (ep6)
Yamaguchi Miyako as Fukunaga Haduki (ep6)
Yamashita Shinji as Toyama Kinzaburo (ep7)
Suho Reiko as Taguchi Ryoko (ep7)
Kinami Haruka as Nishizawa Maki (ep7)
Namioka Kazuki as Mimasaka Ryusuke (ep7)
Uemura Aika (上村愛香) as Okajima Yayoi (ep7)
Suzuki Kosuke as Asano Takuro (ep8)
Takahashi Mai as Reika (ep8)
Kayo Aiko (嘉陽愛子) as Setouchi Tsugumi (ep8)
Akiyama Nana (秋山奈々) as Honoka (ep8)
Honda Makoto (本田誠人) (ep8)
Muro Tsuyoshi (ep8)
Hosokawa Shigeki as Renjo Satoru (ep9)
Hasegawa Tomoharu as Tanaka (ep9)
Nagano Satomi(長野里美) as Ishi (ep9)
Maido Yutaka (まいど豊) as Nakamura (ep9)
Watanabe Minoru (渡辺穣) as Keimu Kan (ep9)
Nakamura Sakuya as young Kyu (ep9)
Tanaka Minoru as Benijo Kyosuke (ep10)
Matsuo Reiko as Nanamura Biki (ep10)
Murano Mia as Kagiya Kikyo (ep10)
Kosuda Yasuhito (小須田康人) as Uhora Tsubesema (ep10)
Yamashita Yuko as Benijo Tsubaki (ep10)
Sakurai Ryutaro (櫻井遼太郎) as young Ryu (ep10)
Wakamatsu Takeshi (若松武史) as King Hades (ep11)
Tantei Gakuen
Notebooks that foretell deaths, numerous urban legends, and murders with no clues... a series of strange incidents occur, and people are lead into a deep labyrinth of mysteries. Five fledgling teen detectives of the Dan Detective Academy, which was founded by the legendary and renowned detective, Morihiko Dan, work together to solve such difficult cases. Stealthily at work behind the strange incidents is an evil crime syndicate called the "Meiosei". They are a group of intellectuals who have long antagonized the Detective Academy run by Morihiko Dan. The five youngsters make their way forward a step at a time as they come face to face with death, clash with one another at times, reconcile, and deepen their friendship. This is a pop mystery drama series about youth friendship and adventure in the face of united efforts against dark forces. --NTV

Another awesome drama that I most definitely fell in love with. Started it this morning, got hooked, and watched until now. Eleven hours of this show....and it totally thrilled me and I must say....ROCKED!!!!!

I love shows that keep you on your toes instead of groaning because the fool couldn't confess because he was a dipsh*t. I have to say the Korean's are good at those love triangles and quadrangles...that strangle me to death. This show had none of that. There was a kind of romance going on but it was innocent and not over the top. This show relied more on it's mystery and story which was refreshing.

Friendship....definitely well defined in this show. Don't we all wish we had friends as close as those 5. I do. Kyuu and Ryuu's relationship was something that we all go through but in the end if we believe and trust in any relationship (friendship or love), it all works out. The story was so involved in their oncoming friendship. The highs and lows and everything in between....the good will always overcome the bad.

Kaname Jun
Kaname JunKaname JunKaname Jun

Kamiki Ryunosuke
Kamiki Ryunosuke

Yamada Ryosuke
Ryosuke Yamadayamada, ryosuke, yamada ryosuke, hey say jumpyamada ryosuke
Without feeling like a perv, Ryu-kun is only 2 years older than my oldest son. So I'm not posting any naked upper body shots. That just makes me sick on my part. He's just toooooo young right now to be slobbering all over him. But! This kid when he gets older is going to be a gorgeous man. No doubt about it. And for obvious reason of the last's Ryu-kun with my KAME!!!! Now he's the man! LOL!

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