Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Spring Bears Love (봄날의 곰을 좋아하세요?/Bomnalui gomeul johahaseyo -2003)

Spring Bears Love


Du-na Bae - Jeong Hyun-jae
Nam-jin Kim - Lee Dong-ha
Jong-shin Yun - Ji-seok
Tae-woong Eom - Man who dumps Hyun-jae
Sang-ki Jo - Carrefour supervisor
So-yeon Kim - Hearing-impaired woman
Oh-jung Kwon - Nose-picking man
Eol Lee - Vincent
Hyeon-kyeong Im - So-hee
Kwang-rok Oh - Hyeon-jae's dad
Yi Yong - Chan-ho
Ji-hye Yun - Mi-ran
Hong-pyo Kim

A young woman named Hyun-chae is on train looking through an art book. As she turns the pages, she discovers a written message underneath a picture of bears playing together in the springtime. She reads:

I like you so much.

Like a bear in springtime, I know your secrets

... you're like a lovely bear.

This is just the beginning of my love for you.

Next book is Gustave Caillebette 'Young Man at His Window.

Hyun-chae is an unlucky girl who has trouble finding love. Born with bad manners, she is unable to keep a guy for very long. Throughout her life, she has been unsuccessful with love, but goes on through life with her bad manners and pure honesty.

Her father, an alcoholic, a heavysmoker, and a writer, often counts on Hyun-chae to bring him art books from the library, saying that they help him think better. Hyun-chae, desperate as she is to fall in love, fails to see that her best friend from childhood, Dong-ha came back from the military to be with her. Instead, Chae-hyun becomes obsessed with the man that has written the love notes inside the art books, believing that they are meant for her. With this thought in mind, she seeks out the writer with a determined state of mind, believing that every man she meets could possibly be this mere stranger. But are those library love notes really meant for her?

OMG! I can't believe I put this movie off. I tried watching it but for some reason I thought it was going to be boring as hell. But I came across it again and the story line still seemed interesting to me. So I chugged through the first part and actually am glad I finished it.

This story is so moving. When love is in your face staring at you, do you ignore it because you think the true love you want can't be that close? Chae-hyun was an idiot because Dong-ha as cute as a button WAS RIGHT THERE. Right freakin' there doing whatever was possible to show her how much he loved her. Come on girls, don't we all want someone to cherish us that much? To only think of how to make us (girls, women) happy? I sure as hell do. This guy went out of his way to make her ramen when she came home and told him that she was craving ramen but it was too late. He didn't care and went out in the middle of the night to do it for her. How many guys do we know who would do that for us?

I really loved this because Dong-ha fought for her. And let her go when she realized she wasn't Vincent (the true love she thought she wanted but wasn't real). *sigh* Love, Sarang, Amor.......

What a strange but yet wonderful thing..............

Kim Nam Jin

Kim Nam Jinkim Nam Jin 3Kim Nam Jinin black shirtKim Nam Jin
Umm? Would you dump this hunk? Hell, freakin' NO! I'm now looking through all his movies to see if there is anything more I like. I love him in this movie!!!

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