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Who's Got the Tape? (어깨동무 /Eoggaedongmu-2004)

Who's Got the Tape?
Dong-geun Yoo - Kim Tae-shik
Seong-jin Lee - Na Dong-mu
Mun-shik Lee
Mi-lyeong Jo - Mi-suk
Mu-saeng Kim - Tae-shik's father
Ah-jung Kim
Tae-hyun Cha
Seung-hyeon Baek
Ryeong Choi
Who's Got the Tape?
Tae-sik (starred by YOO Dong-geun) is a petty gangster who hopes to get on easy street. Bonehead (starred by LEE Moon-sik) and Fencer (starred by CHOI Ryung) are his stooges. They happen to get hold of a videotape that contains a conglomerate's president handing an illegal political fund to a corrupt politician. With the detective's ID that comes into their possession, they feel like they own the world. However, as luck has it, the videotape in question disappears.

Tae-sik's gang comes into possession of a detective's ID and decides to play cops. Their abundant field experience on the dark side along with their broad knowledge on the local gangsters make them better cops than real ones. They even receive respect from them. Nothing seems to be in their way. Should they change their jobs?

At the video rental shop, Dong-moo (starred by LEE Sung-jin) happens to acquire the tape in question. Passing themselves off as cops, Tae-sik's gang blackmails Dong-moo to retrieve the tape. However, the tape goes missing, and Dong-moo has no choice but to cooperate with them in their pursuit of the missing tape. But their relationship starts off rocky. Will they be able to retrieve the tape?

OMG! This movie was a riot. You can't help but laugh at Lee Mun Shik. This man along with Cha Tae Hyun (who makes a cameo appearance) are comedic geniuses. LOL!

Lee Seung Jin was also laugh out loud funny. He played Dong-moo who was supposed to have accidently acquired the tape with evidence. There were so many scenes that I can't give them all but the one in particular that stands out in my head. Cha Tae Hyun is a suspect being questioned. Dong-moo is in the room waiting for his "friends" (the thugs) in the same room as CTH. Dong-moo starts making faces at CTH which makes him start making nasty remarks and gestures. The policeman in question thinks CTH is making those remarks at him. From that the melee ensues. I can't describe the hilarity when the true form has to be seen. OMG! This movie is worthy of a download. Total riot!! *Cha Tae Hyun, saranghae!!*
Cha Tae Hyun
Then there is the scene at the convenience store. Dong-moo tries to impress the girl he likes by beating up a robber. Not knowing, the set up hadn't gone down yet.....he faces off with a real robber.......
Who's Got the Tape?
Who's Got the Tape?

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