Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spy Girl (Geunyeoreul moreumyeon gancheob/그녀를 모르면 간첩 -2004)

Spy Girl
Jeong-hwa Kim ... Park Hyo-jin
Yu Kong ... Choi Ko-bong
Sang-mi Nam ... Nam Jin-a
Jadu ... Park Hyo-jin II
Il-seob Baek ... Park Mu-sun
In-yeong Yu
Myeong-kuk Kim
Dal-hwan Jo

Go-bong has a huge crush on Gye-soon who works at a fast food restaurant. He puts her photo on their internet and she becomes the hottest girl in town. But she is frustrated because she is a spy from North Korea to catch a betrayer.

I hate to say this but this movie wasn't all that to me. It was sort of boring actually. The story was stupid. There needed to be some sort of realism or something to make the story stick together. I watched and waited for this to get better. Actually the ending was quite good and sweet......but everything before that....sucked! I literally fell asleep a few times out of boredom while watching this.

The person who wrote this, produced this, directed this...should have proofread this and watched it before releasing it out. This could have been way better. Just because it had two people who make hearts flutter doesn't make a good movie.

I'm really disappointed.

Gong Yoo
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