Monday, July 7, 2008

A Tale of Legendary Libido (Garujigi/가루지기-2008)

Legendary Libido
Tae-gyu Bong - Gang-soe Byun
Shin-a Kim - Dal-kaeng
Supporting Cast:
Seo-yeong - Hal-meom
Dal-su Oh - Kang-mok
Yeo-Jong Yun
Su-kyeong Jeon - Ju-mo
Seo-yeong - Dan-bi
Jae-ho Song - No-seong
Sa Kang

Hidden in the ancient Korean folklore lies a tragic character with a massive inferiority complex. Byun’s problem stems from his seriously impaired libido, and to make matter worse, the entire village knows about it. But as fate would have it, he chance encounters a monk from the mountain and gains the ultimate male power of never-ending erection and arousal. Around this time all men are grouped and sent off to war and only Byun remains to satisfy the women of the village who are only happy to line up outside Byun’s home and quench their sexual desires and fantasies!

I don't know if I like this or not.

There were some really good parts to this tale. The story gives the impression that it's about a guy, Byun, with a small "ho-hum". He's ridiculed in public for it while his brother is well-endowed. He happens to save an old man and his apprentice who were caught in a trap. The old man, who knows all, told him about the story of a potion that would cure his "problem". Excited, he leaves without hearing the entire tale, and instead of sipping just a bit of potion drinks the whole thing.

Now this starts out as a comedy but then it kept going back and forth from funny to not funny out all. All out serious is how I took it. Byun was tormented for so long that his trust in women is wary.

Now to my trained eye, you would think this was about Byun. But no. This story is about Yin and Yang. The balance of this village was off and there was too much Yin. The potion Byun drank was Yang. After drinking so much, the balance tipped over to the other side and the village was plagued with drought. To save the village, Byun had to be sacrificed to a bear.

It sounds complicated in parts and I'm leaving some parts out. This movie was heavy on the sex and showing of certain femail body parts. But in all, it was pretty good but I wished they could have kept a Yin and Yang balance on the story. It flipped flop from funny to serious and no in-between that messed with the flow of the movie.

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