Friday, July 11, 2008

Rainbow Eyes (가면/Gamyeon-2007)

Rainbow Eyes
Kang-woo Kim - Kyeong-yoon Cho
Min-sun Kim - Eun-ju
Su-kyeong Lee - Su-jin Cha
Supporting Cast
Chang-kyun Choi - Jay Bae
Ji-yeong Oh - Mi-sook Jung (nightclub singer)
Won-sang Park
Sung-ryeong Kim - Hae-suh
Won-yeong Jang - Rapist
Yu-jeong Kim

"Rainbow Eyes" revolves around a serial killer who defies logic, and police scrutiny. The first victim is a sports center manager who seems to have suffered stab wounds. The second victim is a swimming trainer at the sports center, which confuses the police. The second victim's unexpected death breaks apart the police's hitherto assumption that the trainer is a key suspect.
Finally, the third murder takes place, sending the police and detective Cho Kyeong-yoon (played by Kang-woo Kim) scrambling for clues. But the serial killer, whose name is Lee Yoon-seo, is nowhere to be found.

As the investigation unfolds, it turns out that all three of the victims belonged to the same barracks when they served in the military. Incidentally or not, 10 years ago, they beat up a soldier, whose name is none other than Lee Yoon-seo, and they were transferred to a different unit due to the incident.

All the signs point to Lee, but he has long disappeared after suffering from some schizophrenic symptoms, obviously initiated by the traumatic beating.

OMG! OMG! OMG! This was the most wigged out movie I've ever seen.

To start off, you can never go wrong with a sex scene with the main character who happens to be HOT! HOT! HOT!!!!

Then you have this intriguing story of sex gender, homosexuality, rape, and murder! Hello? Are you fascinated yet?
Rainbow Eyes
The story will hook you like a fat cat on sushi! No joke. It's fast paced. So you won't be bored. Then you have the underlying hook with the Eun-ju having feeling for her partner Kyeong-yoon who happens to have a girlfriend. The girlfriend is an on/off thing. Well, I can't really say that. He drops her like a bad habit when Eun-ju calls if they have a lead in their investigation. And the best part of Kyeong-yoon is he isn't who you think he is. LOL!
Rainbow Eyes
The biggest kicker out of this whole movie is the ending. The mystery'll never guess it. If you think you have it figured out, you are wrong. I guessed several times who I thought was the murderer and guess what...they were all wrong. But even better....there are two endings to this story. Dang it, I love it when they throw me a bone and it's not even a bone. LOL!

This is a GREAT movie!!!

Kim Kang Woo
Kim Kang WooKim Kang Woo

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