Saturday, July 19, 2008

Turn Left, Turn Right (Heung joh chow heung yau chow/ 向左走.向右走 -2003)

Takeshi Kaneshiro - John Liu
Gigi Leung - Eve Choi
Edmund Chen - Dr. Hu
Wei-Lum Shu - June
Terri Kwan - Ruby
Shiu Hung Hui - George
Suet Lam - Restaurant Owner
Lo Si Tse - Music Producer
Te Chih Wang - Landlord
Ku Wang Su-Chin - Landlady
Klaus Bru - Ghoul
Jimmy Liao
Suk-yee Chan - Dr. Hu (voice)
Angela Tong Ying-Ying - Ruby (voice)

This story is based on one of the best-selling illustrated storybooks in Asia -- Turn Left, Turn Right by Jimmy Liao.

John Liu (Takeshi Kaneshiro) is an aspiring violinist who is flocked by women like bees to honey because of his handsome face. However what he really wants is to meet someone special who appreciates his violin performance. Eve Choi (Gigi Leung) is a professional translator whose true passion is translating love poems, but for work she is stuck in translating cheesy novels and cheap thrillers which make her feel tense and frightened. Living in different units of the same apartment building and separated by one thin wall, they two have brushed shoulders in crowd hundreds times, but somehow their paths never really cross.

One day, while walking around a circular fountain in the park, they finally bump into each other. Just like a pair of long-lost lovers, John and Eve spend a beautiful afternoon together. A sudden shower cuts the encounter short. They exchange phone numbers and quickly run home. Yet fate plays a cruel joke on them, the rain has soaked through their precious scrap of paper and the phone numbers are hopelessly smudged…

Oh, the Fates have struck again. I love how the Asian community rely on this well versed saga.

This reminded me of one of my all time favorite Korean dramas.....Soulmates! They were so close but yet soooooo far away. Yeah, they lived right next door to each other and didn't know it. LOL!

I loved how they played out the story with the exception of the deceptive rivals....the doctor and the delivery lady. Eeeeegh! Especially the delivery lady....she knew the truth right from the beginning. Ahh well. This is just ONLY a movie.

I really wish I could remember the poem quotes out of the movie because they moralized the story and brought about exactly what the Fates were hoping for.

The ending was most satisfying indeed. Nothing but an earthquake can cure.......LOL!

This is a must-see for romance fanatics and sweethearts alike. It brings out the sweet love songs that are buried in your heart and the memories of our first loves..............

Kaneshiro Takeshi

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