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Wonderful Life (ワンダフルライフ -2004)

Wonderful Life

Sorimachi Takashi as Kirishima Akira
Hasegawa Kyoko as Isayama Mizuki
Yashima Norito as Tsumasaka Masayoshi
Horiuchi Ken as Okegawa Osamu
Taguchi Hiromasa as Hayashi Jiro
Inuyama Inuko as Hayashi Nobuko
Muramatsu Toshifumi as Onoda Isao
Oshima Satoko as Onoda Sanae
Yoshimoto Miyoko as Shinoda Mika
Ichikawa Yui as Katsuragi Touko
Hamada Mari as Isayama Yukie
Kaneko Noboru
Oishi Megumi
Masu Takeshi
Ito Shiro
Nishimura Masahiko as Isayama Yasushi
Sato Kazuya
Sawamura Ikki (ep5, 8)
Moriguchi Yoko (guest)
Takahashi Kento

Momonoki Jaguars
Kawaguchi Shouhei as Isayama Sho
Matsukawa Naruki as Konsuke
Kumatani Tomohiro
Kawakita Junya

Kirishima is the most famous baseball player in Japan. However, an unfortunate injury forces him to retire. His family abandons him, and all that's left is a vacant coaching position at a local baseball team for young boys. This club is on the verge of being disbanded—so far, they have never won a single game. Will Kirishima be able to help the club?

Through the television screen, popular baseball player Kirishima tells the kids, "dreams come true." His baseball techniques are so fantastic that he is called the "miracle man." But in reality, Kirishima is an arrogant and selfish flirt who spends money like there's no tomorrow.

Mizuki is a girl who wants to become a lawyer. Her brother plays on Kirishima's team, but can't stand the sight of Kirishima. She hates men who fool around, and especially those who deceive children. Will Mizuki and Kirishima be able to come to a mutual understanding? --Fuji TV

I loved this drama. Sorimachi Takashi hit a home-run with this series. Geez, I cry everytime in one of his dramas. Doesn't matter if it's a comedy or not. This man is great! I hope to God that he is like his characters that he plays. I love the morality of the story. It was heart felt, endearing, sad at moments, funny when needed, and inspiring all in one.

When life seems to be over, it's not over until your final swing at bat. It might be bases loaded, one point behind, 9th-inning, 2-outs......until you do your can always come from behind to win!!

After watching this show, memories of my youth swirled in my head. I'm a girl in a local softball association. We were pretty good. I was the catcher. Our pitcher was awesome. We played fast pitch. She was so good that everytime the ball she threw hit my glove, my palm would burn. And not to boast, I was really a great batter. I loved that time in my life. All seemed to be perfect..................


Sorimachi Takashi
Sorimachi Takashi

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