Wednesday, July 9, 2008

No Regret (Huhwihaji anha/후회하지 않아 -2006)

No Regret
No Regret
Han Lee ... Song Jae-min
Young-hoon Lee ... Lee Su-min
Hyeon-cheol Jo
Dong-wook Kim
Seung-kil Jeong ... Madame
Hwa-yeong Kim
Seung-cheol Lee
Jeong-hwa Kim

Sumin is an orphan with ambitions. A limo driver by night and a factory worker by day, he works two jobs in order to study at art school. One night he picks up the drunken Jaemin, a young and very handsome businessman, and brings the man home. The young driver rebuffs his passenger's advances and simply tries to get the man home safely for the night. But the next day at work, Jaemin is part of a tour at Sumin's factory, and he spots the young man immediately.
Unbeknownst to Sumin, Jaemin is the boss's son and Sumin is set to lose his position in an imminent round of layoffs. Jaemin intervenes to save his new friend's job, but his assistance is refused. Sumin is poor but proud and not about to accept the favors of a wealthy man -- favors that may have strings attached. Instead, out of desperation, Sumin takes a job at a high end hustler bar prostituting himself. Jaemin tracks Sumin to his new job and becomes obsessed with the young man. He pays for sex with Sumin and follows him around like a sick puppy dog.

This was the best yaoi/gay movie I've ever seen. Okay, okay, okay....I've only seen maybe 3-4 of them but this one touched me more so than any.

This was my first experience, actually, to have seen two men have sex. *Yeah, this movie didn't hold back.* I don't consider this porn because they only showed the act not the frontal anatomy.

Lee Han and Lee Young Hoon did such an excellent job that they had me believing that this movie was for real. If they are NOT gay, then they need to be given the OSCAR for best damn performance ever and paid 10 times what they are worth.

From the very beginning of this movie, I was dragged in. And let's just cut to the chase, the first seen was that of Lee Young Hoon butt naked in a pond swimming. That's the way to get this girl's heartbeat started.

This being a homosexual movie, I'm sure that this movie has been by-passed for certain reasons. your mind. Gay love is beautiful. I'm starting to "see". Having two members of my family who are openly gay, opening of one's mind can ease the pain and suffering that they have to go through because they are who they are.

Okay, okay, okay...and again I'll admit two hot guys getting it a scary turn on for me. *Damn! I admitted it again...LOL!*

Lee Han
lee han
Lee HanLee HanLee Han

Lee Young Hoon
Lee Young HoonLee Young HoonLee Young HoonLee Young Hoon

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