Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why Me Sweetie? (Sat yik gaai lui wong / 我的失忆男友 -2003)

Why Me Sweetie?
Louis Koo - Dong
Tats Lau - Dr. Chie
Cherrie Ying - Ding Ding

In this romantic comedy, Dong (Louis Koo) has a mysterious amnesia that worsens every time he falls deeply in love. Because he can't remember details of his relationships, he also can't maintain the deep emotions he develops for a woman. However, persistent Ding (Cherrie Ying) cares for Dong so greatly that she decides to disguise herself as a new girl every time they meet. Will her ruse keep Dong interested until she can find a way to bring back his memories?

This movie is the original "50 First Dates" that was remade in America with Adam Sandler. With the exception that Dong lost his memories when he felt love from Ding Ding. He didn't wake up every morning having forgotten the previous days like Drew Barrymore's character.

I have to say the first half of the movie was way too cheesy but it started to get really good towards the end. It was a little "half-baked" at the beginning. Too hard to believe and it seemed to skip some relative parts that showed them getting close. Their love was a little too fast for my blood.

But it all worked out in the end. So if you want to see the parent of "50 First Dates"....go ahead. It won't ruin the movie for you since the plot is really different but the idea is generally the same. It was sweet but just a tad bit corny but then so was "50 First Dates" but this is Chinese style. LOL!

Louis Koo

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