Thursday, July 17, 2008

Waters (Uotazu/ウォ-タ-ズ-2006)

Uotazu (Waters)
Shun Oguri - Ryohei
Toshinobu Matsuo - Naoto
Takamasa Suga - Yûki
Shingo Katsurayama - Shintaro
Yusuke Kirishima - Masahiko
Hiroyuki Hirayama - Teppei
Ryoji Morimoto - Kenta
Hitomi Manaka - Minako
Sayaka Yamaguchi
Erika Oda
Mitsuho Otani
Rina Takagi
Tatsuo Yamada
Riko Narumi - Chika
Yoshio Harada - Owner

Seven young men desperate for quick money arrive at a desolate seaside bar Dog Days to be auditioned for "hosts" - a highly popular occupation to entertain female patrons with smooth talk and soothing smile while offering drinks at the "host clubs." Although their previous jobs vary from a street performer to an ex-banker, they are all happy to get the dream job easily until they discover that the "manager" has run away with their deposits! Seeing them discouraged, the sympathetic bar owner offers his place to open up a host club by themselves. With the help of his granddaughter Chika, who has a heart disorder, despite their initial confusion mixed with personal problems and a typhoon that almost blew down the place, they gradually find the true meaning of friendship, trust and love.

This was an "okay" movie. It really wasn't all that. The movie really didn't consider the script very well. So it seemed too rushed to fit into the time alloted. I think many things were missing. I didn't understand the relationship with Ryuhei and Minako. I didn't feel that love connection. That was a bust.

I think this was made for Shun-kun and the eye-candy involved. Nothing other than lots of candy-coated sugar but no chocolate, peanuts or caramel. Ya know?

There wasn't really anything good to say about this movie. Too much fluff. Well, again, there was the Shun-kun......................

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