Friday, July 11, 2008

Sunflower (해바라기-2006)

Rae-won Kim - Tae-shik
Hae-suk Kim - Mother
In-jae Heo - Hui-ju
Supporting Cast
Jeong-su Han
Dae-han Ji
Seok-beom Kang
Byeong-ok Kim
Jeong-tae Kim
Eun-pyo Jeong - Cameo
Eun-hye Park - Cameo

Once Tae-sik was a legendary fighter, a gang but after spending 10 years in prison, Tae-sik’s only wish is to live a normal life. He returned home so he could live with a lady who has been looking after him like a mother. Everything seemed to be normal until a group of Mafias wanted to build a Disco Club and wanted to pull down a local diner which the lady owned. Because the lady refused, her daughter was brutally attacked by them, also knowing that Tae-sik will not fight again Mafias plan on making Tae-sik disabled. They killed the lady and everything went as planed except for Tae-sik. He was saved by Byung-jin who once was very close to him. Tae-sik turns, a monster he used to be 10 years ago. He is now nothing but revenge.

OMG! Kim Rae Won! This was the best acting job I've ever seen from him. He was immaculate. He was superb! If this was an American movie....this would have been an Oscar performance!

This movie from the beginning to the end had sad undertones all around it. My heart ached because I felt that this was not going to end happily. You could feel the vibes that the fates were against him. He was against all odds. The only love he received were from his adopted mother and sister. He tried his best to be a good citizen but the aura around him was bleak and withered. You could feel the immense pain emanating from him. Oh, this was freaking good!!!

I recommend this to everyone. Well, not for the young. This would probably have been rated-R or PG-13. But damn if this wasn't a great performance. I'm still reeling from this movie.

Somebody please pass the Kleenex!!!!

Kim Rae Won
Kim Rae WonKim Rae WonKim Rae Won
I think this is the best picture I have ever seen of him. *sigh* Kawaiiiiiiiiii! I think I'm melting...............
Kim Rae Won

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