Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Project Makeover (Eonni-ga ganda/언니가 간다-2007)

Project Makeover
So-young Ko ... Na Jung-ju/Alice
An Jo ... Na Jung-ju
Geon Yu ... Oh Tae-hoon
Jung-mun Lee ... Jo Hani
Beom-su Lee ... Oh Tae-hoon
Dal-su Oh ... Jung-ju's father
Ji-young Ok ... Jin Seon-mi
Jung-min Kim ... Jo Hani
Mi-hee Oh ... Jung-ju's mother
Yeong-seo Park ... Staff at Talent Show
Jong-shin Yun ... Mr. Yoon
Yeon-ju Lee
Bon-woong Ko

The film opens with Jeong Ju, a thirty year old girl working a dead end job as a fashion assistant whose life is going nowhere, apparently due to the fact that she was betrayed back in high school by her supposed sweetheart Jo Hani, who has since gone on to become a famous singer. Fortunately for her, one day her Microsoft Windows, instead of crashing, offers her the chance to travel back in time to try and persuade her past self to take a different route.
Magically transported back to 1994, Jeong Ju poses as her cousin Alice, and quickly insinuates herself into the life of her teen self (played by actress Jo An, also in “Holiday”). Jeong Ju hopes to change the future by persuading the younger Jeong Ju to switch her affections from the vain, floppy-fringed ladies man Jo (Lee Joong Moon) to a socially inept, though kind hearted nerd called Tae Hoon, who she happens to know will grow up to be a multimillionaire in the future.

Ehh. This movie was okay. I saw all the reviews from other viewers and thought this would be a great one. It didn't trip my trigger. It was cute and all but not loveable worthy. Even the eye-candy didn't help.

With all the time travel you'd think there would have been changes in the future. It didn't happen. I thought that was weird so it was hard for me to comprehend the value of this movie. Yes, I understand that she learned a great deal of Tae-hoon and that changed how she felt in the future but I felt other things should have changed too. Yes, I saw what the movie was her future with Tae-hoon changed. Maybe I expected toooooooo much and got toooooooo little out of it.

As for my usual postings of eye-candy. I couldn't really find good ones of Yoo Geon but have never had Lee Jung Mun posted yet. And, of course, he's practically new so his picture value is little. This was the only decent picture of him I could find. I'm sure I could have found more but it's early in the morning and I've yet to get my caffeine fix. Sorry.

Lee Jung Mun
lee jung mun


mimilatina33 said...

Hey it's mimilatina33,
I just wanted to ask you,
where can you watch Tanaka's dramas Tokkyu Tanaka 3 Go (特急田中3号/ Tokkyu Tanaka San Go-2007) because i really want to watch it. I am also a fan (like you well i am really addicted to it; a lot) in J POP and stuff. I hope we can talk soon, but for now i really want to know where did you watch it at. So can you please tell me.
Hopefully you will, Thanks!
- mimilatina33

Sheree said...

Hi mimilatina33!

Tokkyu Tanaka 3 Go can be pretty much found anywhere. I watched it on Try there.