Friday, July 4, 2008

She's On Duty (Jambok-geunmu/잠복근무-2005)

shes on duty

Seon-a Kim ... Chun Jae-in
Yu Kong ... No-young
Sang-mi Nam ... Seung-hee
Jung-woo Ha ... Detective Cho
Sang-Myeon Park ... Class teacher
Ju-hyeon No ... Detective Chun
Kap-su Kim ... Cha Young-jae
Bul-am Choi
Su-ah Hong
Ji-woo Kim
Sang-ho Kim ... Detective Kang
Beom-su Lee ... Detective working on maths exam
Sa-Pi Lee
Ya-mi Lee
Kwang-rok Oh ... Bae Doo-sang
Hyo-eun Hwang
Yeo-eun Son

Detective Chun Jae In thinks that she is about to break a huge child prostitution ring, but when she finds that she has really ruined a much higher-level undercover operation, she is embarrassed and humiliated. Despite this, an important new mission arises that requires her unique talents – i.e. her ability to dress up and convince as a school-girl. She must go undercover once again, this time in a school, under the pretence of being a new student so that she can ensure the safety of the daughter of an important Mafia witness that the police want to locate. Before long she finds her maths skills challenged, her fighting skills honed on the school bullies and her heart melted by a fellow student. But will she be able to stay focussed on the mission, capture the bad guys and save the day?

Aye-yi-yi! That was pretty good. Gotta love Kim Seon-ah! That woman'll make you laugh until you pee yourself. She is a natural. I think I've loved all of her movies. Not a one have I not liked. How can we forget the Lovely Sam-Soon! HEHE!

I will say this though. I was going for her with Detective Joh at the beginning before I realized he was the "bad" guy. Ugh! You know that hate-love relationship....they can't stand each other then realize they like each other? That was what I was hoping for. But hey, No-young, wasn't a bad choice either. How can we not love Gong Yoo? The man has a bod that won't quit! Whew! As a matter of fact, if I haven't already said this, the Coffee Prince was my very first Kdrama...ever! That is the one that started it all. So in all....I thank you Gong Yoo for being such a hottie to keep me coming for more!! LOL!

Gong Yoo
snailgong yoogong yoo

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