Thursday, July 3, 2008

Surprise Party (Seopeuraijeu/서프라이즈-2002)

Surprise Party
Ha-kyun Shin - Kim Jeong-woo
Yu-won Lee - Wang Ha-yeong
Supporting Cast
Min-hie Kim - Hwang Mi-ryeong
Hyeong-jin Kong - Du Hyeong
Hyo-jin Kong - In-ju
Hak-cheol Kim - Mi-ryeong's husband
Young-jin Lee
Seung-su Ryu
Yeon-ju Lee

How do you go about detaining a total stranger for 12 hours? This is what Ha-young (Lee Yo-won) has to do for her best friend, Mi-ryung (Kim Min-hee). Mi-ryung has been planning for a surprise party for her overseas boyfriend Jun-woo (Shin Ha-gyun), but her plans are stopped short when her father finds out that Jun-woo is half-Hawaiian, and forbids the party from being held. Mi-ryung is put under even greater pressure when Jun-Woo tells her that he would arrive early, and she pleads with Ha-Young to intercept Jun-Woo at the airport, and to keep him from turning up at Mi-ryung's place before she can iron things out.

Thus begins Ha-young's misadventures, as she gets herself and the intercepted Jun-woo into increasingly absurd and embarrassing situations, and only in the movies would she not have been proclaimed insane and carted off to the nearest jail cell to contemplate her actions.

However, Jun-Woo is mildly amused by the whole affair, and he finds himself won over by Ha-young's shenanigans. The duo starts to develop feelings for one another over the day, but Ha-young is constantly mindful of the fact that this is her best friend's boyfriend she is falling for. However, she cannot deny the feelings she has for Jun-woo, and it's threatening to wreck the friendship between her and Mi-ryung.

This was a cute movie. At first, it annoyed me. I was like "just tell him who you are because no person in their right mind would follow along with this stupid idea!" Finally after about 30 minutes it started making sense. I do have to say that I sort of figured it out during the middle of the movie. This wasn't a mystery movie by far so if you figure it out don't turn away because it has a sweet ending.

Again this could be considered another "fate" movie. Sometimes these types of movies go wrong....tragically. I'm happy to say this doesn't but you have to wonder if life isn't controlled by you but the strings that bind you.....................

Shin Ha Gyun
Shin Ha GyunShin Ha GyunShin Ha Gyun

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