Sunday, July 6, 2008

15 Sai no Blues (15歳のブルース -2005)

15 Sai no Blues
Zeebra as Umekawa Shunsaku
Tegoshi Yuya as Sanada Kouhei
Iwasa Mayuko as Sanada Yukari
Higashi Ayu (東亜優) as Moriyama Sakie
Chiyo Shota as Asakawa Makio
Sanada Kohei is in his third year of junior high school, and is constantly bullied by three classmates, one of which happens to like the same girl that he does. Along with a troubled school life, Kohei doesn't get very good grades and his family life isn't too great either. The only company he keeps is that of flowers, and he has many potted flowers in his room that he takes care of. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Kohei has already gone through ten tutors by the time that the drama takes place. Hip-hop singer ZEEBRA plays Shunsaku, his newest tutor. Shunsaku is not the usual kind of tutor; he's a bit perverted and throws Kohei around when he's being difficult. Ultimately, it's Shunsaku's influence that changes Kohei.


This was a surprising sweet and tender drama about a boy who was "lost". His sensei, Shunsaku, is a rough-edged sword determined to fix Kouhei and his family.

I think many of us have gone through high school, not sure where we are going, what we want to do, how we are supposed to get there, and if we really want to. This is about a boy who was that way. He was bullied and told he wasn't worth it and that there was nobody that cared or who was waiting for him.....until sensei came along.

This show started out slow, slightly comical, and then all out serious. I became hooked on the second episode and couldn't finish it. Thankfully there are only 4 episodes. I will say this.....I cried for Kouhei, I cried for sensei.......such a wonderful ending but I wished this drama could have went on. So wonderful!

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