Saturday, July 5, 2008

Soo (수-2007)

Jin-hee Ji - Tae-soo / Soo
Seong-Yeon Kang
Man-seok Oh
Gi-yeong Lee
Kyeong-hwan Jo
Seong-kun Mun
Jun-bae Kim
Yeong-wook Kim

An assassin wanted by both the police and the underground, Tae-soo is know simply as Soo. His one goal in life is to find his twin brother Tae-jin, who was separated from him at childhood. Young Tae-jin was taken away and raised by a gang boss, KU Yangwon, when Tae-soo got caught stealing from the boss. For 19 years, Tae-soo heard no word from his brother. After a long search, he finally meets his brother: only to see him shot to death right before his eyes. Tae-soo hides his brother’s body and decides to act as his brother to find the killer. NAM Dal-gu, the detective intent upon catching Taesoo, is hot on his trail, while Tae-jin’s fiancé, Mina is filled with doubts about Tae-soo’s identity. Finally, Tae-soo realizes it was KU, the same man who had taken his brother away from him 19 years ago, who was behind the murder of Tae-jin. Realizing this is a fight to the finish, Tae-soo begins his request for revenge

Man! I don't know what to say about this one. It was DARK. Not just depressing and sad but visually too. It was filmed mainly at night, in the dark, or in shadows.

I will say I teared up near the beginning when his brother was killed. It was emotional. Well acted too. Enough, so, to make me feel awful. From that point on, it was slow. Lots of emotional baggage for Tae-soo. Lots of past scenes of their childhood and reasons for the way he is now. Guilt was the basis of this movie and redemption.

I'll tell ya...this isn't for everyone. The last fight scene was gruesome and bloody. Guns were rare in this movie but blades, knives and swords were used. So I'll leave that to your imagination.

Oh Man Seok
oh man suknho 2

Ji Jin Hee
Ji Jin HeeJIJIN-~1[4]

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