Tuesday, July 1, 2008

PIKA*NCHI life is hard dakara happy (ピカ☆☆ンチ Life is Hard だから Happy」-2004)

PIKA**NCHI! (srubia)
Satoshi Ohno/ 大野智 as Haru
Sho Sakurai/ 櫻井翔 as Chu
Masaki Aiba/ 相葉雅紀 as Shun
Kazunari Ninomiya/ 二宮和也 as Takuma
Jun Matsumoto/ 松本潤 as Bon

Wah! Finally, I've watched it! It's the sequel to [Pika*nchi: Life is Hard dakedo Happy], a movie starring the 5 Arashi members! (^_^)

Well, As we all know, [Pika*nchi] ended with Takuma(Nino) flying off to LA.
As expected with the started off with Takuma coming back to Yashio.

And many things happened since he left,

Shun(Aiba) got accepted at Aogakku and eventually found an interest in crochet! and joined a class...then, he improved until he became a crochet sensei... yep, he's teaching crochet, yo!! And now, everything he wears is him. Very weird yet cute.

And...Haru(Ohno) is working in that grocery store owned by that lady whom he had sex with. And yep, he's still seeing her.

Bon(Jun) left Yashio to go on a trip to improve his cooking skills. He says he agrees with the municipality and it's okay with him to demolish the "poor" building. Haru is deeply scarred by this and considered Bon as a traitor, since they're trying to protect the building and Takuma's apartment.

And lastly, Chu(Sho)...has a family! Haha...yes, he met the gang leader of a female gang and after years of fighting, they eventually fell in love and lived together. Hahah...Then later on, his "wife" got pregnant and gave birth to the cutest little boy, who was named Teppeki! Hahah...and for the sake of their baby, Chu transformed and became the top salesman. Chu's the cutest dad ever!

Anyway, the movie was mainly focused on the boys trying to stop the demolition, etc etc.

And in the end, Takuma had to leave again...and before he left, Haru gave each of them notebooks which had "Life is Hard dakara Happy" printed on the front. He said, they'll write down the hard stuff and funny stuff that'll happen to them there. "The one who writes the sequel of the story is you", Takuma said. Well, of course...the guys didn't like the idea at first. But the leader, Takuma, said he'll write on it and the guys followed.

I love the opening and closing credits~ (^_^) the opening song was still Pikanchi...but more colorful and interesting X3 and the closing song is....Pikanchi Double!! Yeys! I love it...they showed the PV~~ (^_^) wooh~

And also, Nino sang his version of "Michi" which was reaaaally good! (><) really, Nino's solos are the best! Wah, it guys! (^_^) A must-see for Arashi fans~ (^_^) Yey for the boys~~<3>~~jennah13

Obviously, I found a "bubble-gummy" summarization of this movie. All I could find on the time I'm given. So many movies, so little time, ya know?

This movie, was a total meltdown for me. The first one wasn't all that but this one was even worse. Agh! The only good part of the movie was the fansubbers sarcastic comments at the end during credits...LOL! What a hoot! Oh! And the MV was nice anyway.

The whole movie was wishy-washy, made no sense. Okay, the fansubber that wrote the English needs to take more classes in writing English. Ugh! But what can you do. We depend on these guys to get these movies out quick and free to watch. So I should just shut my trap! God bless SARS and Dattebayo....the only fansubbers that I really love.........


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