Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Puzzle (パズル-2007)

Yanagi Kotaro
Nakamura Yuichi
Takahashi Marino (高橋まりの)
Mori Ren
Yamamoto Yusuke
Katsura Asami (桂亜沙美)
Nakagawa Shingo
Nakamura Masaya
Shida Nanako (志田菜々子)
Tanaka Takuma (田中琢磨)
Kataoka Asuka (片岡明日香)
Amada Reki (天田暦)
Konno Masato (今野雅人)
Narita Shoji (成田昌児)

When an armed group seizes control of an elite high school, a group of classmates are forced to find 2,000 puzzle pieces hidden throughout the school within 48 hours.

This was a little boring. Thank Kami-sama (God) that is was only 4 episodes long. I was hoping for in-depth puzzle solving. Instead it was a police interview of what transpired in the 24-hours with them hunting for puzzle pieces and putting it together. The end was interesting. I sort of figured it out during the 3rd episode. It was kind of obvious because they kept talking about the kids who were kicked out or left. Duh!

This definitely could have been better.

Most of the male cast are from the J-pop group D-Boys. Ehh! Not enough on them to post pics. Maybe later............................

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