Friday, July 4, 2008

Puzzle (Dodoiyuheui peurojekteu, peojeul/두뇌유희프로젝트, 퍼즐 -2006)

Seok-cheon Hong ... Noh
Jin-mo Ju ... Ryu
Hyun-sung Kim ... Jung
Seong-kun Mun ... Hwan
Jun-seok Park ... Kyu
Ha-kyun Kim

Five complete strangers are brought together through the guise of one unknown man. They have been summoned for a project – a project of which success would guarantee them riches and a life beyond their wildest dreams. They’ve been given no information, no data, no identity. The project is dubbed X. The five men jump onboard. Finally, the fateful day arrives. Ryu, Roh, Jeong, and Kyu gather at the bank where the plan is to be carried out. Under Hwan’s leadership, the process is executed smoothly, until a minor slipup grinds the plan to an unexpected halt. Police swarm to the scene of the crime, and the men barely manage an escape by taking one of the captured people hostage. They quickly run to the place where they are to meet Hwan. When they arrive, however, they discover Hwan’s body – dead. Slowly, they begin to realize something is going wrong. In light of the shocking circumstances, suspicion falls on each other, as the men stealthily attempt to find who X is. Who is this X? What exactly does he want? Why did he bring these men together? Who is the architect behind this grand, master plan?

This had an ending that I didn't expect...well, the most part. I had already figured out who X was prior to the finish. I'd say 30 minutes before the show ended. But the rest of the ending was so unexpected. I even cried a bit. Not that it was sad but just hurtful.

I loved the twist and turns of the characters. It was exciting to watch and learn about each character and how they ended up being chosen. All of them had some connection to a man named Nam.

As the scenes past scenes pass by, X is a part of one of the men's past. I still don't know why these particular men were chosen but they were outstanding.

The main point of the story, I think, had all to do with trust. These men had so many problems with the other because the other didn't trust. That in the end was their downfall. That is what made the movie so painful at the end. Ugh!

This was an excellent movie. Not a comedy. This was a seriously thought out movie and oh-so exciting!

Ju Jin Mo
Ju Jin MoJu Jin MoJu Jin Mo

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