Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) Episode 11-Final (2008)


I'm just a bawling mess. It's over! Say it ain't so. I so loved this drama even though I sort of knew the ending but wasn't sure if they would follow the manga (comic) or not. They sort of did. *weeps*

I will say this. I fell in love with Night but not just for his hunky glory. Moko-kun played the naive, sincere, sweet robot so well. You couldn't help but fall in love with him. But I did NOT route for him, at all. I'm sorry but a robot with a human (even if said robot is God's gift to all women) just isn't "right". It sort of repulsed me a bit. I'm sorry but it was like Kronos made the ultimate "dildo". He would never grow old, she would never have her own children, and to me it wasn't natural love. It's not like I would ever love my toaster even if it made the best tasting toast ever...ya know? I know, I know...bad comparison. But do you get my drift?

I routed for Soushi. To me theirs was a natural love that blossomed from friendship. The ending was great but I was hoping for some kind of romantic feeling between Soushi and Riiko. I just felt that they weren't going to let Night go. Ugh!

But in general, this was an awesome show. Great characters, great actors, great script!

Mokomichi Hayami
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Mizushima Hiro
Hiro Mizushima

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